Privacy Policy

This privacy statement applies to, a website operated by SupportLine, and protects the personal information of visitors.
Users, the website, and the website’s owners are all bound by the policy, which specifies their respective responsibilities. Additionally, this policy explains how this website handles, saves, and protects user data and information.

The Website

While this website and its proprietors take user privacy very seriously, they take the necessary precautions to guarantee that their visitors’ information is protected at all times. The privacy policies of this website are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used on this website to enhance the user’s experience. This website employs a cookie control mechanism that allows the user to accept or deny the usage of cookies on their computer / device when they visit the site for the first time. According to new regulations, websites must get express permission from users before storing data such as cookies on a user’s computer or device and accessing it.

Small files stored to a user’s computer hard disc that track, save, and keep track of information about the user’s interactions and use of the website are known as “cookies.” In this way, the website, through its server, may customise the experience for its users.

Users who do not wish to allow cookies from this website to be stored on their computer’s hard drive should take the required steps to disable all cookies from this website and its external serving providers in their web browser’s security settings.

Visitors to this website are tracked using tracking software in order to better understand how they interact with it. Google Analytics provides this programme, which uses cookies to monitor visitor activity. A cookie is stored on your computer’s hard disc to keep track of your activity on the website, but no personal information is saved or collected. Please check out Google’s privacy policy at this link [] for more details.

Cookies from other vendors may be stored on your computer’s hard disc if this website employs referral programmes, sponsored links, or advertisements. For conversion and referral monitoring, these cookies normally expire after 30 days, but some may last a little longer. Personal data is not gathered, recorded, or stored in any way.