Amberixs Emotional Support
Support for persons who are alone, at danger, vulnerable, or have been the victim of abuse is a specific focus of Amberix.


Mediation is a technique in which the parties address their disagreements with the help of a trained unbiased third person(s) who supports them in reaching an agreement.
As the mediator progresses through the process, the parties will construct a solution. Lakes Family Mediation

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By phone, email, and mail, we provide discreet emotional help to children, adolescents, and adults. When we deal with people who are struggling with mental illness, we teach them to build healthy coping mechanisms as well as an elevated sense of self-worth.

Following the Bob Higgins child sex assault case

A movement to add child sexual abuse among the “severe crimes” for which suspects can be retried gained traction on Monday, thanks to the support of former players and a number of charitable organisations, according to the BBC.

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